Coach’s Corner

Welcome to Coach's Corner, the weekly show hosted by Matthias Mazur to help coaches, consultants and service providers to generate more leads and sales.

Coach's Corner: The Weekly Show Helping Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers Get More Leads, Make More Sales and Increase Their Brands

In this episode, Matthias talks about 8 steps to 7 figures: finding your ideal market, establishing your authority, making an irresistible offer, exploding your income as a coach, tips for the lead generation, pricing your services, convertimg prospects into clients and adding 6 figures to your business in 30 days.

  • How to use Social Media to GROW a yoga business 10

    Carrie, a follower of our weekly show “Coach’s Corner” asked:“Which social media platforms should I use to grow my yoga studio business?” Here’s my answer to Carrie: The number one way to get money and to make money is to go to people who have already trusted you, then go to social media platform. I say go ...

  • How To Get More Clients By Doing Less Get more clients by doing less by Matthias Mazur

    You need to outsource and understand how to outsource. Try to look at all the graphic work that you have on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr for your header image and then, think of the first timers when someone comes to your sights or your properties. What impression does that give? Is it a good impression? ...

  • How To Get More Referrals How To Get More Refferals with Matthias Mazur's Strategy

    In today's video, you'll learn how to get more referrals with Matthias Mazur's Strategy. You need to ask for referrals. I don’t want to come across as bashing referrals, because I think it’s an amazing source of business and it’s free. If you have a customer base or client base, go to those clients and ...

  • Get More Clients With Your Personality get more clients

    Watch the FULL episode on You need to let your personality shine. Whenever you’re publishing something, talking with a prospect, making a video or doing marketing, you really want to be yourself. You don’t want to emulate someone else. When people see my show, they’ll be saying, “Wow, I really want to do this ...

  • Get More Clients With This Video Technique get more clients

    Watch the FULL episode on You need to use live videos. If you go to my website, you’ll see that we’re shooting and recording using Periscope. By using a live video, I can ask questions, people can ask me questions and I can reply. I think live video is probably one of the biggest ...

  • Get More Clients With The Magic V get more clients

    Watch the FULL episode on You need to have a video and you need to use that. Video is so cheap nowadays. When I started doing them in 2007, I had to buy this pretty big camera because phones weren’t able to make videos back then and I paid at least $1,500. Now, for ...

  • Consultants: This Is What Your Website MUST Do website must do

    Watch the FULL episode on You need to have a marketing based website. You need to have a website that is geared towards direct response and everybody needs to have a direct response website. When people go to your site, they need to be able to reach out to you. They need to be able ...

  • Consultants: Do This to NEVER Discount Your Prices discount your prices

    Watch the FULL episode on You need to become an authority, you need to publish content and you need to write a book. You need to write a book, because authors have instant credibility. You want to publish and you should publish on LinkedIn, Medium, on your blog and Twitter. Twitter is actually “publishing” because ...

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