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Welcome to Coach's Corner, the weekly show hosted by Matthias Mazur to help coaches, consultants and service providers to generate more leads and sales.

Coach's Corner: The Weekly Show Helping Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers Get More Leads, Make More Sales and Increase Their Brands

In this episode, Matthias talks about 8 steps to 7 figures: finding your ideal market, establishing your authority, making an irresistible offer, exploding your income as a coach, tips for the lead generation, pricing your services, convertimg prospects into clients and adding 6 figures to your business in 30 days.

  • Consultants: Dominate Your Market With This dominate your market

    Watch the FULL episode on You need to narrow it down and get specific. I always make fun of the title “life coach” because the title is very broad and it’s like saying, “Yeah, I’m a human being.” The title is too generic. If you want to do coaching, that’s great because I’ve been coached ...

  • Why Charging 1-on-1 is Killing Your Business 15

    You need to stop doing one-on-one, because you’re only hurting yourself, killing your business, your health and your life. The reason why is: what happens if you want to stop working, go on vacation, if you’re sick and you lose your voice? What happens when you’re just too tired and you just want to step ...

  • Do High Fees Attract More Clients? 6

    You need to charge high fees and the #1 reason why you’re not charging a higher fee is because you’re afraid. Some people will say, “Well, if I charge more money, maybe I’ll lose a few clients”. Maybe you will and that’s a reality but you’ll repel clients who are cheap and you’ll get clients ...

  • #1 Mindshift to get more clients 2

    To get more clients, you need to be proactive, because being a service provider is very similar to being an actor, a singer, a musician or an artist. There’s a big correlation between an artist or a service provider, like the amount of action they take, the number of roles and the work they get. ...

  • Coach’s Corner with Matthias Mazur Episode #5 1

    In this episode, Matthias talks about the 15 steps to get more coaching clients. Connect with Matthias on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium or Tumblr. In this episode, Matthias talks about the 15 steps to get more coaching clients.

  • How to add 6 figures to your business in 30 days 2

    You need to maximize your results and add new revenue streams to what you’re doing. If you’re a consultant, there are so many different ways you can make more money by delivering more services and different types of services to your clients than just selling your package and your value based fees. You really need ...

  • #1 way to convert prospects into clients 3

    The number one way to convert prospects into clients is conversion. Once you have leads coming in, you need to think about conversions. You need to have a way to convert prospects into clients. A lot of coaches and consultants do not know how to convert prospects into clients. They give away free trials which ...

  • Need More Clients? Master This Skill! 13

    You need to learn how to sell and how to convert prospects into clients. You need to understand how to convert prospects into customers and in order to do that, you need to learn sales or have someone else do sales for you. You need to have a business development person or sales person in ...

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