Coach’s Corner

Welcome to Coach's Corner, the weekly show hosted by Matthias Mazur to help coaches, consultants and service providers to generate more leads and sales.

Coach's Corner: The Weekly Show Helping Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers Get More Leads, Make More Sales and Increase Their Brands

In this episode, Matthias talks about 8 steps to 7 figures: finding your ideal market, establishing your authority, making an irresistible offer, exploding your income as a coach, tips for the lead generation, pricing your services, convertimg prospects into clients and adding 6 figures to your business in 30 days.

  • Get More Clients By Doing This 7

    You need to publish the results that your clients are getting. Ask your clients if you can publish their results, because you want to leverage that. I actually believe there are only 3 reasons why people don’t do business with you. #1 is they don’t believe you and they don’t believe the statements. #2 is ...

  • Social Media For Client-Getting 14

    You need to be everywhere on social media and you’ve got to be on all the platforms. You want to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Medium, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Snapchat. There are 8 platforms I just said that you need to be on. Social media is a free tool and the only way that ...

  • Why You MUST Advertise 16

    You need to pay to be everywhere. You need to be willing to pay to advertise and you need to advertise to get your name out there. The #1 way today is to do this is with Facebook. You need to be on Facebook, you need to be paying and doing Facebook ads. You can ...

  • How to decide the price of your service 4

    Rob, a follower of our weekly show, Coach’s Corner, asks: “How can we decide the price of our service?” Here’s my answer to Rob: This is a very good question, because there are a few things that you need to take in consideration when deciding the price of your service. Number 1 is that you ...

  • Books of the week (MUST-read for marketers) 10

    I want to talk to you about two books that I really would recommend. The first book is called “Cashvertizing” by Drew Eric Whitman. It’s a really good book and I actually have two copies of it. I would say this is one of the best books in terms of direct response marketing. It’s basically ...

  • Coaches & Consultants: How to price your services 4

    I talk a lot about pricing and if you’ve been on my previous shows, you know that I hate hourly rates or hourly pricing. I don’t believe in hourly rates. I think that it’s detrimental to you as a coach, consultant or service provider. I also think that it’s detrimental to the development of your ...

  • Coaches: you need this for your lead generation 5

    Lead generation is inevitable. If you don’t have any lead gens or if you have a business but you have no leads, you have no business. If you have a restaurant, but no one’s eating in it, you don’t make any money. Lead gen is generally something that a lot of coaches and consultants don’t ...

  • The #1 Secret to EXPLODE your income as a coach 6

    Give prospects or clients a very quick high. This statement comes from the stock broker’s world and I’m going to talk about a very brilliant sales strategy that really makes a world of a difference when you apply it. Give clients a quick high Number 1 is: if you’ve watched “The Wolf of Wall Street”, ...

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