Coach’s Corner

Welcome to Coach's Corner, the weekly show hosted by Matthias Mazur to help coaches, consultants and service providers to generate more leads and sales.

Coach's Corner: The Weekly Show Helping Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers Get More Leads, Make More Sales and Increase Their Brands

In this episode, Matthias talks about 8 steps to 7 figures: finding your ideal market, establishing your authority, making an irresistible offer, exploding your income as a coach, tips for the lead generation, pricing your services, convertimg prospects into clients and adding 6 figures to your business in 30 days.

  • How I Started Selling Products & Services man_on_phone2

    I started my coaching & consulting business in 2007 and started doing phone sales in my own business in 2008 selling high-end packages. Seven years ago when I was starting out in my business, I really didn’t have a system to convert prospects into clients. What we have done for years is helping entrepreneurs and ...

  • Should You Become Close Friends With Your Clients? sVbiylF1Z3JAl8RiOutU9U36y0wrs3rb2c2XpTFrcRI

    This is an excerpt taken from Coach’s Corner Episode 1. You can watch the full episode by clicking here. While many of us have clients that might hang out in the same social circles, things can get tricky if you become “too close” to your customers. Crossing the line of a simple handshake to merrily ...

  • How To EXPLODE Your Service-Based Business omn7HL_LLUb0sVSjV8Rv8tP3tfLhDf4M-hJe5Ro1prQ

    In my opinion, the beginning of the relationship is crucial because just like any relationship, the first two to three weeks of any relationship dictate what happens for weeks, months and years to come. I remember talking with my ex-girlfriend about this: she had dated a guy who was very needy and tried to please ...

  • “I Don’t Know How To Pitch, Can You Help Me?” sMDviK2YmUWp5wljIBYVUPcFHsJm7V5fNRSJdYLEPtY

    Gary, a follower of our weekly show, Coach's Corner, asked by email: “I don’t know how to pitch, can you help?” Here’s my answer to Gary: Honestly Gary, that’s the most horrible question I’ve ever heard because it’s a way too broad.  But let me tell you how I learn new skills and the process ...

  • “How Can I Increase Exposure?” WAUQx1lKLt5nVNclfDrk2Ck0WT9Up4ptyGfgHyY48eA

    Jessica, an email subscriber, asks: “I’m a life coach, how can I increase exposure?” There are a lot of ways you can increase exposure. One way is by doing paid ads, like on using Facebook ads for example. I want to give you a few resources: you can go to Google and type in “Facebook ...

  • Why You MUST Turn Away Prospective Clients JNNR0p0sKNh8gSuQimHnZoEpi1OPkjhEU6R6VpeL9Rw

    From experience, I can tell you that the number one way to get more clients is to turn the clients away. By turning clients away, it will give you a better sense of who your ideal clients are. It’s really important for you to understand who your best client is and you need to be ...

  • How To Understand Your Prospect’s Mind talking

    Here’s something you need to remember at all times: if you’re a service provider and if someone comes to you, they’re looking to solve their problems. I know that you might be wanting to sell your product or your program but you have to approach it from the other side. You have to approach it ...

  • Bernie Madoff’s Mischievous Sales Strategy d9clfABy9aHn94kXDnZ_eBevgesMK1uwASYU-chAT4Q

    One of my biggest passions is making movies. My first movie was shot two and half years ago and I played the role of a young investor who lost his money because he invested in a stock that failed. That movie was about the life of Bernie Madoff, so to prepare for that role, I ...

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