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Matthias Mazur's "Get The Gig" is a weekly show featuring interviews with power players from the entertainment industry to help artists get more gigs.

"Get the Gig": The Weekly Interview Show to help artists, actors and creatives to increase their brands, sharpen their business minds and get more gigs!

In this episode, I interview Deams from the Netherlands. Deams is a hip-hop veteran and a very influential figure in the Dutch music space. He candidly shares his humble beginnings and what took him from being a graffiti artist in the Netherlands to touring the world and working with artists such as LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Ice T, KRS One, De La Soul and signing with Gangstarr Productions.

He also shares his insights about what it takes to not only create music but also create your own brand in the music space, how to get published, get gigs and broadcast your message and the art that you’re creating.

  • Artists: Use This #1 Technique To Get More Visibility get visibility

    Artists: Use This #1 Technique To Get Visibility and watch how your brand is growing in front of your eyes in a short period of time. Watch the FULL episode on Find more about Matthias Mazur and his brand here. Matthias Mazur: You’ve just described the exact path of an up and coming artist. He wants to ...

  • Artists: This Insight Will Transform Your Musical Career (HUGE) FfQ6_ZXE6cRTuKgzYUoIyPCXLizF1eaaPPau98N5gss

    Matthias Mazur: Let’s say, now you have a few tracks online for example on iTunes or like Sound Cloud. What would you… let’s say you’re grooming a young artist which I know you are, we’ll get to that in a few moments. What do you tell them? Let’s say someone’s doing something, what do you ...

  • Deams Presents The “New Dutch Masters” (Dutch Artists) c2ymow_Esg16FPa5S82f425jvhe4hvDOXU7aXby0NXQ

    Matthias Mazur: Tell us about the project you’re working, the new Dutch Masters? Tell us about that. Deams: It just released, I think two weeks ago, this is a project that I have been doing with who also helped out with ...

  • How China Is Affecting The Hip- Hop World y23sQDYNaVcu4RP4_XbDHCpokcpsuVm1GFFOGeej-Io

    Matthias Mazur: We mentioned China, I’m curious. Tell us more about if you can of course, what are you doing in China and how you see the difference in music and the way music is approached in the music biz in the east, so in Asia versus the west so you know, Europe and the ...

  • Branding For Artists, Musical Skills, And EDM ZomNQ5qZ0XYMrz9AvTvpnSewBl8sKAOjY4CFbl7qBl8

    Deams: What about your opinion? Matthias Mazur:  Unfortunately I… You said 50/50, I think that in today’s society, seeing how people consume information. I think that it’s even more, sadly, I hate to admit it, I think it’s sadly more towards you might have better results as an artist, meaning more attention and building a bigger ...

  • Artists: Better To Focus On Branding or Skill? xGKrJ6gSuFRloY7xAza-lXs7dhBUTGyHhu8CtWXSjCg

    Matthias Mazur:  But her main skill is getting intentions, she’s very good at it and she’s very well rewarded for it. She makes a lot of money just getting attention. It’s very descriptive of society, I agree. Deams:  And as a creator, you need to be able to combine both. Matthias Mazur:  Yeah. Deams: Be able to have ...

  • Young Artists: How To Get More VISIBILITY In Today’s Market -7X79FAFMN1VUN8iuCTxfadS0edGcPYvkojcT0QLyiQ

    Matthias Mazur: Let’s talk about the evolution that you’ve seen in the past 20-25 years of music and how have things changed in the business and how easier or tougher it is, how is it today to get your message out versus 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago and what should people ...

  • How YouTube Manipulates Our Musical Minds pSKdOKuiujQ1WZlYxuVk-YkD3uBhOThMpWlc9CVXoWc

    Deams: That’s the way a lot of the business works just like on You Tube. A lot of people base the quality of the music on the views that the song has and the comments instead of paying attention to music. Music is almost turning into a soundtrack while people are reading comments. Matthias Mazur: Absolutely. ...

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